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[PATI AGENCY] Provide TikTok ads account rental service & creative TikTok ad video consultation
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PATI Creative Agency is proud to be one of the best agencies that have TikTok ads account rental service with the best rental policy and support for their customers. With more than 3 years of experience in the field of eCommerce, we are currently one of the BEST TikTok partners in SEA with weekly direct support from TikTok for Businesses.

What PATI Creative Agency can offer:

  • We help business owners optimize their company profits through advertising services with exclusive benefits
  • TikTok advertising account, which enables global advertising with no fees, no taxes, no deposit required, and no ad budget limit
  • Support for video creation tools and TikTok course document.
  • Support preferential price when using TikTok Tool Spy
  • Private community sharing everything about not only TikTok but also eCom, Dropshipping and Print-on-Demand
  • TikTok Ads training series from our eCommerce experts

Why you should choose PATI over any other TikTok ads agency:

  • Target full of major markets such as US, EU, CA, UK...
  • Support Ad video creation tool, video creation library
  • Support documents, courses TikTok ad
  • Technical support, campaigns review 8h-21h Monday to Sunday (GMT+7)
  • Refund the balance when you want to stop running ads

Fee service:

  • Contact for more details

Contact us:

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